Sunday, August 03, 2008

2 deck graphics

I'm working on a series of skateboard graphics for use in an upcoming project. I'm still trying to nail down the color stylings but this is what i have so far.i wanted to get the images out there for feedback before i get much more into it.

Friday, August 01, 2008

better pic of clown poster

new poster printed up at YeeHaw

Heres a bit of what we did at Yeehaw last week. We made two lsmall blue posters and a rather large one on red paper Plus i took a bunch of pictures of their shop and stuff. I had a great time with Kevin, Julie and the entire Yeehaw crew.oh yeah please note that the clown poster is almost 7 feet long ! more pics in a minute!!

Gone Silver

I ripped down a wall in my studio and all the musty 30 year old wooden paneling in my studio. It smells a ton better and i painted every wall floor and ceiling silver. i love it in there now more than ever! I took a couple of pictures of me in there the other day sweating like a bitch at 9 in the morning with a glowing red pimple on my forehead.