Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 30 Woodcut 35 Speed Kills

I can't believe I'm 35 woodcuts into this project, that's pretty good for just under 7 months. I really can't wait to start the new year and get crackin on my one woodcut a day project. those prints wont be quite as big, they'll probably be 15 by 20 or something like that , but one everyday is gonna be insane I can't wait! In the meantime , this one is nothing special but at least it is done!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 29 Woodcut 34

I got this one in one time! Been wanting to do a block with the Mountain Dew hillbilly for a while so this is what I ended up with.

Week 28 Woodcut 33

Ok here's the print I was planning on doing for week 28, instead i was a week late or more.....

The Dog ate my Homework

Well I was over a week late posting this one,but I had a good excuse I was working like mad on this giant woodcut I made at Evil Prints It is 60" by 40" , my hand still hurts when I think of all that cutting in such a short time.( I basically cut the whole thing /all four blocks in about 3 days...ouch!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 27 Woodcut 32

All caught up ... this one is going to be made into a poster for a couple of Steamroller events I'm doing later this year....

Week 26 Woodcut 31

too Big to Fail, this guy reminded me of a banker for some reason.....

Week 25 Woodcut 30

So i took an image I made for YeeHaw Industries and redid it for this OWAW project.... thats whay happens when you run out of ideas....

Week 24 Woodcut 29

Im sorry I've been posting these late. kind of defeats the purpose of a blog.... Viaduct Why a duck .... Remember the Marx Brothers ?

week 23 Woodcut 28

Piggyback ride....

Week 22 Woodcut 27

I had posted this using tweetdeck or something and it didnt work so here goes