Saturday, October 08, 2011

Week 40 Woodcut 45

All caught up and current !!! i did screw up the order of the text on this block , oh well too late now...

Week 39 Woodcut 44

so I think I'm gonna finish the 52 print series by doing these last nine or whatever on Mississippi people

Week 38 Woodcut 43

Week 37 Woodcut 42

not a great one...

week 36 Woodcut 41

so i'm trying to catch em up again heres another one

Week 35 Woodcut 40

I dont know if i really need this blog,twitter,tumblr,facebook, and my website . the blog seems the most superflous. It's so hard to post here regularly but never the less i keep making the woodcuts so I'm gonna keep posting em everywhere ...