Friday, December 24, 2010

Chocolate Angel

I found a great picture of this little girl in a thrift store back in Virginia. I always wonder about pictures of kids that get given away. did they get rid of the kids too?

Kids and Animals

I kept finding really cool ads with dogs smoking and stuff . don't forget I was making this stuff whn I didn't have any ideas for woodcuts. at kept me busy and helped me organize my thoughts....


I used to spend a lot of time looking at the ground when I was walking to my job. I used to find a lot of empty cig packs and at the same time through my extensive research I discovered a number of intriguing celebrity edorsements cig ads.....

Old 3D Pieces

This is a bunch of 3D stuff , shadow box, whatever. its mostly 10 years old or so but I thought i'd post it here anyway I think some of it is on my website but I wanted to be more active on the blog anyway so....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

things are gonna start happening now

i have been real busy for the last two months but now i have a new phone and internet plan so i'll be posting a lot more often and with more video. been selling a lot of shirts and prints last two weeks which is cool!and my hands are sticky with a ton of hot sauce all over them and my face. i think this was the best sauce i have made yet. lime ginger and habanero sauce hot wings! cant stop eating em but i gotta go print more. see ya

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rebel Scum - Sean Starwars at Barristers Gallery

i had a show in New Orleans last weekend at Barristers Gallery. It was great to see Andy Antippas( the gallery owner) he's pretty much my favorite person in New Orleans. We had a great turnout and sold a decent amount of work , which is always nice.... you can see a video of it here.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The new face of Frankenberry

Ok new monster cereal makeover. most of them are pretty cool although i'm not diggin Boo Berry ok i'm not posting a link to the other images but i do have Fberry cause I just bought some!!!! heres a cool monster blog link i'd never seen before

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Well its been a busy week. I'm trying to finish printing the gbv posters for the upcoming shows. I put together a nice little pre order package and have sold some but i do still have plenty left... I should be more active on the blog but i'm gettin better....

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sitting around. just can't get the interest up to do much cutting on the woodblocks or printing anything so just takin pics and doin blog updates.I am getting excited about being more active on the blog though so thats something ...goin out and shootin a hundred rounds or so into some pumpkins would be kind of fun about now.... not gonna happen right now though...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Me , Nick, Some Guns and my shoes...

So last year Nick Arnold (a printmaking friend of mine up at Syracuse) came by to visit for a few hours and he posed for some pics with my guns , when i got up to Philly for SGC last April he gave me this killer little woodcut he made from one of the pics he took of us....

Something Cool

So you start to feel like you're on to something when people start making art from your quotes.... check out this cool woodcut from Levi Banker based on one of my quotes on facebook....

A few words about Throwback

Ok, We are now well into the third limited edition run of mt dew throwback, or is it the fourth counting the first version of throwback?. Anyway I gotta say that it stokes me out so much, to go into a store and be able to buy a can of Dew with that hillbilly artwork on it. Granted it would be cooler if the colors were predominately green with white and red , instead of the white green red scheme that they are using, but still it makes me happy to see it. It would be better still if the hillbilly was standing there pointing his gun and the pig and the outhouse etc were all there too. I'm so glad its back on the shelves the real sugar makes a big difference, the orange juice in it makes a big difference, ( the first run of throwback didnt have it....) It might not be quite as good as dew in a glass bottle from West Jefferson, NC but it's a great drink never the less....

I hate having to stop printing to eat

I have had an ongoing battle with the need to eat versus the need to print. I used to go days without eating , just fueled by Dew and ink fumes. I never went a day out of the studio.... now i'm siting down eating a plate of sausages and a hot dog instead of printing.... I still have ink on my hands and cans of Dew but I took the time out to eat . pretty basic stuff but it gets in the way of what yer tryin to do.