Saturday, September 25, 2010

A few words about Throwback

Ok, We are now well into the third limited edition run of mt dew throwback, or is it the fourth counting the first version of throwback?. Anyway I gotta say that it stokes me out so much, to go into a store and be able to buy a can of Dew with that hillbilly artwork on it. Granted it would be cooler if the colors were predominately green with white and red , instead of the white green red scheme that they are using, but still it makes me happy to see it. It would be better still if the hillbilly was standing there pointing his gun and the pig and the outhouse etc were all there too. I'm so glad its back on the shelves the real sugar makes a big difference, the orange juice in it makes a big difference, ( the first run of throwback didnt have it....) It might not be quite as good as dew in a glass bottle from West Jefferson, NC but it's a great drink never the less....

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