Sunday, May 03, 2009

New Prints

Just printed these up this weekend


Anonymous said...

Happy birth day <<<<<<<<<<

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Mario Marchese said...

I love the gator riding the bike. Your artwork is inspiring

athongph said...

I have done a lot of color reduction woodcuts during the early part of my undergrad years. I still love them for there raw looks and simplicity that befits many woodcuts. I thought that woodcuts would stay a straight black and white image until I learned about reduction woodcuts. Whats amazing about your prints is that you don't follow the norm of using a registration system. You break away from that which makes the prints look for like expressionistic prints rather than that of high retentive silkscreen with emboossed layers. I'm the kid in elementary school that always colors in the line, and seeing these prints, inspires me to look outside of perfection. Each print is unique on its own, that is what I like about outlaw printmakers, they never really care about being professional or not. Its about enjoying what you do.

athongph said...
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