Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 11 Woodcut 15

Got this one done on Friday. number fifteen! It really is easy doing one a week but i need to do two a week for the rest of the year and even that wont get me to one hundred i need to do 3 for thirteen of those weeks ., I expect to really blast through them this summer when I'm not working but even that is only like 10 weeks so there are gonna be a few more times during the school year that i'm gonna be cutting like mad to get three done in a week. anyway It was hard for me to draw this Tusken Raider and the thing that hangs around his neck looks really odd. what is that supposed to be anyway?


Ben Long said...

I believe it's a harmonica. You know, for when they're around the campfire on those cold Tatooine nights.

Jeff said...

Bob Dylan has really let himself go.